8 puppies in great danger


We had an appeal from a friend: a dog mom was taken brutally by the dog catchers while she was having 8 puppies of 3 days old nursing them!!!!!
The family was living near a building and the neighbourghs called the dog catchers!
but the dog catchers took only the mom :((((( and they left behind 8 puppies of only 3 days old that soon started to cry desperately for their mother.
I write these words with big tears in my eyes and pain in soul :(( They were sentenced to a hard paintful death :((
A very nice lady, our firend, heard them, heard all the story and she decied to take them in to feed them. She is not a wealthy lady, she has 2 children and not much of an income :( But still, she deiced to help them. She took them in her home, fed them with cow and goat milk and wash their bellies because they were all red on their bellies with wounds from the urine :(
But the husband did not allowed her to keep them inside over night, so she prepared for them a big carton box with all the clothes she could find in her home as beddings for the puppies and she sealed the box and put them in the place they were born, where you can see in the pictures, until morning come and she could take them back in to feed them.
She decided at some point to ask for help and she asked us.
We searched for the mom dog and we found her in the Bragadiru public shelter and we were struggeling with the help of  GIA Daniela Stoica and Mihai Grigorie, to take the dog mom out of the public shelter.
They did not allowed us to take her not spayed :(( so here we are waiting for the mom today.
In the mean time, our friend is drained by energy and emotionally and she cannot take care of the puppies anymore.
We need help, we found a payed foster to give the mom and puppies into their care, if the puppies eat by them selves or if the mom still have milk to nurse them.
If any of these options are not possible, we need help with foster the small puppies and the mom will stay in the clinic until the puppies will grow enough so the family can be reunited.
We need help from you to provide very good food for the puppies so they survive and to pay for the foster/clinic, whatever it wil be, we will have huge costs…
For contact for foster: nobodydogs@gmail.com or 0751511313.
For donations:
PayPal: nobodydogs@gmail.com
Bank details:
Account Holder: Asociatia Nobody Dogs
Adress: Bucharest, Romania
IBAN for EUR: RO95RZBR0000060014991391
IBAN for RON: RO36RZBR0000060014991386
IBAN for USD: RO84RZBR0000060014991395
Swift code: RZBRROBU

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