1,5 years old
Neutered, vaccinated, healthy
Big size
very sociable, very friendly to everyone (including children), very loving
He was taken from a factory courtyard as the owner of the factory wanted to call the dog catchers to take him and his brothers and sisters into the PS.
We took them all in the shelter, they were 6 doggies, all sweet and happy, we managed to give to adoption 2 of them and in the shelter there are still 3 boys and 1 girl, all of them wonderful.
They are in the shelter for a year now, they all need and deserve loving homes.
Please HELP THEM and take them home.
If you cannot take them into your home, please help them by sponsoring them for their costs or at least SHARE their stories, their pictures so their chances to be seen and wanted as friends to increase.

More pictures at:

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