Daisy – Give her a chance!




A very very sad and heartbreaking story :(( A friend of mine asked me to help in this.
Daisy, 6 months old, medium size.

Daisy’s story has a sad beginning…. She was found by a lady with a big heart in a box while she was beaten by several children. Daisy was taken in the company where that lady works. She had the front right leg broken and spine fractured.

At first could walk pretty crooked but increased when the column was welded and now she cannot walk at all anymore. Many vets advised to PTS her…. But she is a happy dog, willing to play, eats and drinks well, very active with all surrounding..

I took her in my home 3 days ago..she breaks my heart! I fell in love with her, she has such a great personality ♥..but she wants to play with my dogs and cats.. She only can stay in one position..which is very bad..But I try to change that, putting her in other position to sleep. I took her to x-rays and other vets that saw the x-rays were amazed that this dog still lives! I am determined to do whatever is necessary to save her, to give her a good life, while it can be a good one.

On Monday, 18th of February, she will be taken to a do a 3D CT and we will have more info and a correct prognostic and treatment for her. In the mean time, a 4 wheels chair will be made for her, as she has the desire to move and I really hope that she will use it and she will be able to move around the house at first.

When all investigations and prognostic will be done, she will need a forever home or a foster at a family with experience in disabled dogs.

Please HELP and SHARE! If you want to help us with her expenses, which are already huge, please donate as little as you can.

Contact/PayPal: nobodydogs@gmail.com

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