Help for rescued homeless family and their dogs


This Saturday, 07.09.2013, a friend asked for my help for a homeless family, 2 adults and their 3 dogs. :(( They live in a park for more than a year, without any option further :(( I have been there to meet them and they impressed me so much so on Sunday I took them all into the shelter, giving them a roof above their heads and keeping them safe. I have to mention that both of them are high school graduate!!!
The homeless people are most vulnerable ones now as they are defenceless and most of them keep one or more dogs around them for protection, giving their dogs food and love… Most of the rage people against dogs will start to assault them because of their dogs :(( So I took this decision to save them as well as their dogs..
My plans for them is to build them a poorly room and provide the basics to survive there and in the mean time to give them few days to rest and then to find something to work so they earn their own money.
We provide them food and shelter, maybe the man we will use for the works in the shelter until we will find something for him to work and the lady is very traumatized, we will give her time to rest and she can help with the dogs, to walk them, to socialize them, to play with them.
In this moment we need your help to provide what is necessary for them, we make here a short list:
-stove (to cook and to warm the room)
-materials to build a room inside the shelter (walls, door, window, floor cover (like tiles or linoleum), etc)
-warm clothes
– cooking pots and pans
– dish plates
-forks, spoons
and anything you might think it is necessary for them to survive
For your donations to be sent, please
Contact us at:
for donations in money please use:
Bank: Asociatia Nobody Dogs
RON: RO36RZBR0000060014991386
EUR: RO95RZBR0000060014991391
USD: RO84RZBR0000060014991395


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