Help pay the rent debts from Nobody Dogs’ shelter


The Nobody Dogs’ shelter was a project created by a vet clinic and our organization. At some point, due to many problems, especially about the money, the vet clinic let down the shelter and the dogs in it. The problems were that people rescued dogs from PS and from the streets and much of them “forgot” to pay the foster and food fees for their own dogs, much of them just “forgot” and abbandonned the dogs they rescued here. So this left the shelter with a lot of debts for the rent and for vet expenses. In this moment, only our organization is keeping the shelter running, we managed to pay only 3 months of our rent which is 1000 euro/month, and we are with a debt, in this moment, of 5000 euro (5 months). The landlord asked us to move the shelter somewhere else, as we didn;t paid the rent for so many months.. we are searching for a new place, which is very difficult, but we must pay also the debt for the rent, maybe the landlord will let us in his ranch couple of more months until we can find another place and prepare it properly to move in the 120 dogs we have at the moment in care. Please help us raising these funds! We are in a desperate situation here! 120 dogs are depending on us and on your donations!! Their lives are in danger now, because of this situation!


PLEASE, this is a desperate cry of HELP!


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