ATTENTION! This footage contians pictures that could harm sensitive people!!!!

Another staurday morning, another sad and ugly story:(((.

This poor soul is in danger of loosing one of his paws, “thanks” to some so called veterinarians from our country..and this is not the first case that I see like this..:(( He was hit by a car and taken by a poor man from my neighborhood at the faculty of Veterinary Medicine :((( and they did this “bandage”and send the man and the puppy back home :((.

Most likely this puppy has the bones broken…

But now nothing can be done in this respect, “thanks” to their “treatement”… They made the bandage very tight and in couple of hours the leg was slowly swalling :(..after 1,5 days, the leg looks like you see in these pictures :( the flesh is falling out from the bones and this baby is in real agony :(((. My neighbour came crying to me, asking me for help.. Of course I said ok, as I was thinking that it is just changing the bandage and cleaning the wound.. When I saw the dog, I threw up because of the image and of the smell :(( and I called the vet and took the poor baby in my house. The vet gave him anesthesia because he was in a LOT of pain. he is just a puppy with very badluck for meetin the vet school. We will need help with the vet costs and with your prayers that his leg can be saved!.

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