Puppies abbandonned in a court yard, FOR ADOPTION!


Our very good friend, Michele, contacted us to ask us to take these puppies and their mom into the shelter.
She sent me also the details of a man that takes care of them and I go there with the vet to deworm the puppies.
They will receive at least 2 vaccines prioir to come to the shelter. Maybe some of you will fall in love with them and adopt them, so they are not forced to face the shelter! ♥ ♥ ♥

UPDATE: The land owner where they were born, kicked them out and the mom and pupps had to come in the shelter. They are all with us now, all pupps have been dewormed again and vaccinated.
If you want to help them, please SHARE their album, foster them, adopt them, adopt them from distance or just donate for their expenses!
We need your help so these little guys to have a normal life! It is not their fault that they are born in this twisted world!

Thank you!!
Contact/PayPal: nobodydogs@gmail.com

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