Puppy severely wounded needs help!


UPDATE: Baby girl, found with an awfull wound, has healed and noe she is ready for adoption. Please SHARE her pictures, maybe she will find a good home soon! She is in the shelter but puppies do not belong in the shelter. They need homes and real lives! PLEASE SHARE/SPONSOR/ADOPT!!

On Sunday evening, a friend called me to ask me for help for this poor soul. She found the little puppy severely injured in a courtyard where is a commercial area. The wound was not very new, all over the wound there was necrotic tissue. He is now in the clinic, under treatment, during the treatment he has severe pains, he cries :((. After the wound will be treated, he must be vaccinated, dewormed, and if no one will find a corner in their heart and home to give him a real life, he will be taken back in the streets. Please SHARE FOR HIM! Please help us to raise the funds needed for his treatment. the costs for him are: 20 ron/day accommodation+food, 15 ron/day treatment, as long as needed, at least 10 days.
PayPal: nobodydogs@gmail.com
Bank: Asociatia Nobody Dogs
RON: RO36RZBR0000060014991386
EUR: RO95RZBR0000060014991391
USD: RO84RZBR0000060014991395
cod swift:RZBRROBU
If you can find it in your heart, please, a little help!! If you cannot donate a little, please SHARE! SHARING HER STORIES GIVES HER CHANCES FOR REAL LIFE! Thank you!!!! ♥

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