Sheltering Conditions

For your dog to enter to the Nobody Dogs Rescue Center, there are mandatory rules as follows:

✓ Accommodation contract to be signed by both parties, Asociatia Nobody Dogs and the rescuer/owner

✓ PRIOR to enter the rescue center/ on the day of entering the rescue center:

1. DHPPI+L+R vaccination

2. KC vaccination

3. Wormer and flea treatment

4. Microchip


Any of these above are not done by you, they can be done by us IN THE DAY that your dog is entering our rescue center.


✓ DURING the accommodation in the rescue center:

1. 1 time at every 2 months wormer

2. 1 time at every 2 months flea treatment

3. Females spayed (depending of the health condition)


Costs for your dog in the shelter:

– 1 month accommodation  25 eur

– 1 month food 25 eur

– Puppy DP vaccine 11 eur

– DHP+L vaccine 12 eur

– DHPPI+L vaccine 12 eur

– DHPPI+L+R vaccine 15 eur

– KC vaccination 10 eur

– Passport and microchip 25 eur

– Deworming 11 eur at every 2 months (5,5 eur/month)

– Spaying/castration/neutering  25 eur


✓ We use Nobivac or Biocan vaccines, Dehinel wormer and Fypryst flea treatament.

✓ The infestation with heart worms is a big risk, so the costs for the deworming will increase when we will start using Milbemax. You will be announced prior to the changing.

✓ The dogs receive food 2 times/day, water at their disposal, the kennels are cleaned 2 times/day.

✓ All the kennels are disinfected with Virkon once a month and every time a new dog is entering a free kennel.

✓ It might come that your dog will need treatment, we will start treatment of your dog immediately when we observe the problem, and we will inform you as soon as we can.

✓ Please, try to be in contact with us, as we have many dogs to look after, and ask us as many times as you want about your dog, we won’t mind, it will be very helpful to us if you ask!


All this above are offered by Asociatia Nobody Dogs.


Walking the dogs, photos of the dogs, organization in the center, contact with the rescuers/adopters are made by Asociatia Nobody Dogs through their members and volunteers.


We hope that these info are handful to you!

Thank you for your attention!


Nobody Dogs Team