29.10.2013 UPDATES on Sun
Sun saw the vet today for his x-rays. The situation is bad, as he has an infection spread also in the bones and in the muscles around, and 3 bones broken.
The very good news is that EVERYTHING can be “repaired” :) An i am soooo happy for that!!! I am so happy that Sun will be normal again someday! ♥
It will follow a long time with very strong antibiotics to cure the infection and then a long surgery :( with a lot of funds needed.
We will need your support once again for helping Sun, rescued from the Sun’s Highway, Romania :) If you want to help Sun to get his so muich needed vet care, to lose the pains and to walk normal again one day (not so far), please help him by donating for him in
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Account Holder: Asociatia Nobody Dogs
Adress: Bucharest, Romania
IBAN for EUR: RO95RZBR0000060014991391
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When we got back from the shelter, we saw a small pack of fur and 2 shining eyes on the middle o the highway :((. We saw that the little one was alive but……Alone, starved, thirsty, terrified and in huge pains :(((((((((
…..most likely hit by a car.
We decided to stop, even it is forbidden, on the emergency line of the highway. We were driving fast, so the stop point was very far from the place we saw the doggie laying on the highway so we had to drive backwards for a long distance. we got to him finally and we took him out of there and we put him in our car, heading to the clinic. All the way from there we prayed to God that he has no broken spine. When we arrived there, we noticed that he has NO fractured spine :) He is now in the vet clinic, he had received painkillers, antibiotics, hugs and cuddles, water and food. He will stay in the clinic until tomorrow morning when he will have more tests done in order to establish everything that is wrong with him.
We are so happy that we could save him for a certain death on the highway :)

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