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Dear friends, we need your help.
Each and every one of you knows that it’s not easy to ensure the maintenance conditions of a dog, and you all know how hard is when you decide to get involved and care about the ones that the others don’t care about. That is the reason why we are telling you that we succeded to implicate in this effort
a pet food company. This company is the biggest pet food company in Greece, VIOZOIS, a company with 45 years experience in animal nutrition. Beside the product quality and the low price, we found an understanding and well informated team about the situation of the romanian stray dogs.
And so, we managed to colaborate in other more projects. One of them is about in donating a 20kg food bag, for every 10 bags of food bought by our supporters.
Everyone of you have one or more dogs. You all care about giving them a good and high quality food. You all wish you could help the dogs that weren’t as lucky, for them a good quality food is a luxury.
For a full transparency, together with the Viozois team, we decided this will be the procedure: the order will be made on this links:

And after that each will post the order number on the event page.
Every 2 weeks the orders will be counted, and for every 10 bags of food, one will be delivered to our shelter.
It’s a partnership where everybody wins. You get a high quality product, we get an amount of food as donation.
Details of every assortment will be presented in this event, one product per day. You can also find details and more info on

Share the event beacouse in the end, the ones who are advantaged are the ignored and abused ones.
Order here:
Don’t forget to post you order number on this event.

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