Walking the dogs


Bad weather in Romania, cold, windy and raining. But the dogs needs their walks, no matter what. They live a life locked in their kennels, they see EVERYDAY the same things, they have EVERYDAY the same activities.

A walk out of their kennels is like a breath of fresh air. They need it so much. Most of the dogs can be taken on a leash, but we have scared, unsociable,  traumatized dos too, that cannot be walked outside. Imagine what a life for them :((

Still, the day was short but nice, we received a visit from one of our friends from Romania, Ioana Gheorghian, some dogs got their much waited walk through the ranch.

In everything we do for the dogs, for the rescue center, we need your help!

Without your help, we wouldn’t be able to accomplish the smallest thing, like even walking the dogs, as a drive to the rescue center and back costs us 25 euro only the fuel and we MUST  do this trip every 2 days at least. When we get sick dogs or small puppies, when we have more activity, we need to make this trip everyday, imagine that what means this in one month :(.

Please HELP us by sustaining our activity!

You can SHARE our stories, you can DONATE for our general activity, you can SPONSOR one of more dogs from the rescue center, you can ADOPT one or more dogs from the rescue center.

Please be aware that EVERY little help from you, it is si HUGE help for us!

Thank you!



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