We need your help!!


Dear friends,
We need your help once again.
We have problems with the internal worms in the shelter and we need help to provide the dogs in the shelter a proper treatment against it, with Panacur 10%.


We need 10 liters of Panacur for 3 days in a row treatment, so we can try to erradicate all the internal worms.
One litre of Panacur is 185 lei ( 42 euro) and we need 10 litres that costs 1850 lei (420 euro)
If you can help by donating any small amount for this, it would help the dogs very much.
Please, help our dogs by donating to (please note: “for deworming”):
PayPal: nobodydogs@gmail.com
or Bank details:
Account Holder: Asociatia Nobody Dogs
Adress: Bucharest, Romania
IBAN for EUR: RO95RZBR0000060014991391
IBAN for RON: RO36RZBR0000060014991386
IBAN for USD: RO84RZBR0000060014991395
Swift code: RZBRROBU
Thank you so much!!!!

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